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How To Symbolize Rebirth Through Jewelry

Rebirth is an essential tenet of many spiritual practices around the world, and we as humans go through many transformations in our lives. Are you anticipating a big change in your life? Do you feel as though a part of you has passed on, while another part feels excited about that change?

As one chapter of your life comes to a close, look forward to the new benefits and experiences the next phase holds. You can symbolize that rebirth through the jewelry you choose to wear every day—here’s how.

Symbols of Rebirth

Remind yourself of the cycle of rebirth and new beginnings with symbolic jewelry. These spiritual symbols are common features in many of the pieces offered by Satya Jewelry and will serve as talismans in your everyday life.

Rising Sun

If you look around in the natural world, you’ll notice that it’s full of transformative cycles. For one of the most common examples, look upward to the rising sun.

As the sun rises each morning, it births a new day with new challenges and opportunities. Perhaps you’ve heard the adage, “Tomorrow is a new day,” after a bad or disappointing day. Wipe your proverbial slate clean and wear a piece of jewelry that reminds you of the sunrise—a daily symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

Tree of Life

This symbol is found in a wide variety of cultures now, but it originated with the Celts. In ancient times, the people native to present-day Ireland observed the cycles of the trees around them. As the seasons changed, they noted that the trees went through a death and rebirth of their own.

Not only does the tree of life evoke cycles of death, rebirth, and transformation, but its strong roots and upward-reaching branches symbolize the connection between worlds. The natural, observable world around us is inextricably connected to the ethereal world above us.


If you’ve never worn snake jewelry before, you may be confused at first. How is this reptile a spiritual symbol of rebirth?

Curious folks in ancient times observed the cycle a snake goes through several times a year. When it grows too big for its current skin, a snake slowly sheds its outgrown skin, leaving it behind like a ghost of itself. People believed that snakes could literally regenerate themselves—and in a way, they do.

Wear a piece of snake jewelry, such as a pendant or ring, to remind yourself that it’s all right to leave something behind if it no longer serves you.


Broadly speaking, the mandala represents the spiritual journey we all undertake in life. Individuals who meditate on mandalas start by focusing on the outside, then gradually move inward. This constant journey is one of transformation as the universe—and the individual—moves from suffering into joy.

Many mandalas incorporate eight spokes to represent the Eightfold Path in Buddhism. As adherents move through the Eightfold Path, they move closer to enlightenment and, ultimately, rebirth. The circular shape of the mandala represents the infinite nature of the cycle: death, rebirth, and transformation.

Lotus Flower

One of the most powerful symbols of rebirth and regeneration is the lotus flower. In nature, the lotus stretches its roots to the bottom of a muddy river or lake. The stem rises up through the water and eventually blooms above the surface with beautiful petals arranged in a circle.

Many people look to the lotus’s life cycle as an inspiration to persevere through dark and muddy times in life. Wear a gold lotus flower necklace every day to remind yourself that the tough times will end eventually. The roots you grew during that adversity will serve you well in your next stage of life.

Gemstones That Evoke Rebirth

Symbols crafted of sterling silver or 18kt gold plate aren’t the only way to carry a reminder of rebirth with you every day. If you prefer the simple and classic look of gemstone jewelry, consider these stones and their symbolism.


Many people who seek new beginnings wear moonstone jewelry as a reminder of hope for the future. Rainbow moonstone, in particular, evokes confidence and intuition as you seek out ways to start fresh in your life. Meanwhile, black moonstone symbolizes the new moon—a different kind of fresh start that takes inspiration from lunar cycles.


Gemstone and crystal enthusiasts often use quartz to supplement other meaningful stones, as it’s remarkably versatile and comes in a variety of colors. Clear quartz carries a cleansing energy that is highly beneficial for those seeking a new beginning.

Smoky quartz encourages wearers to move on from unpleasant and traumatic experiences and overcome residual negativity. Incorporate smoky quartz into your jewelry if you’re seeking rebirth after a difficult period in your life.


If you’re looking for a gemstone to kick-start your new lease on life, look for jewelry with aventurine gemstones. Green aventurine represents new opportunities and good fortune—think of it like a good luck charm as you seek out new ventures.

Tiger’s Eye

While the exact meaning of the tiger’s eye varies from culture to culture, many individuals find that wearing it makes them feel more powerful and confident. If you recently went through a scary or uncertain period in your life, tiger’s eye jewelry can help you face your new beginnings with courage. Tiger’s eye jewelry can also serve as a lucky talisman if you’re searching for a new career or making a big financial move.

Symbolizing Rebirth Every Day

If you want to carry your reminder of rebirth and transformation into a new chapter of your life, wear your chosen piece of jewelry every day. Even if you’re just doing household chores and small errands all day, your lotus flower necklace or smoky quartz bracelet will remind you of your new lease on life.

Do you wear a spiritual bracelet every day as a symbol of your transformative cycle? Consider switching which wrist you wear it on to get the full range of benefits.

The left side is the more receptive side, allowing the bracelet to imbue you with meaning and energy. Meanwhile, the right side radiates those energies outward, strengthening your connection to the world around you.

Have you recently weathered an emotional storm in your life? Turn a new page and encourage fresh beginnings by symbolizing rebirth through the jewelry you wear every day. This guide from Satya Jewelry details how each symbol and gemstone can boost your spiritual growth, allowing you to face this new cycle of your life with confidence!

How To Symbolize Rebirth Through Jewelry

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