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September Inspiration: TRUTH

This month, we turn our focus toward individual truth. In September's golden light, our path to truth is illuminated, calling our spirits to journey toward authenticity. Moments of blissful serenity or unmitigated joy, or the flutter of excitement that quickens in our chests, reveal who we are and what we are meant to be doing. They reveal our truth.

When we live in our sacred truth, our minds and bodies are aligned with our souls. We move about the world with ease, confident in our decisions, hearts open to love in its many forms, ready to give of ourselves and to receive the abundant blessings of the Universe.

How can we discover our highest truth? Pay attention to when you feel lightest. Make note of what you're doing when time passes without you even being aware of the minutes ticking by. Learn to listen to your body: What is happening in your body in this moment? When we feel grounded, light, and warm, chances are, we are on the right path; we are living truthfully.

Need more help revealing your truth? Both meditation and journaling can go a long way to helping you decipher it. Make a practice of journaling or daily and watch what is revealed.

In truth, there is no shame, no hiding, no regret; in truth, light resides. Let this be the month you set your sights on living your most authentic existence. Let the levity that comes with a truthful life expand the breath in your lungs, buoy your spirits, and bring the beauty of the world into full color.


September's Mantra
"When I follow my truth, I step into who I am meant to be."


A beloved symbol of new beginnings, the lotus flower rises from the mud each evening to burst into bloom, revealing its strength and beauty and reminding us of what it means to meet our full potential.

Gemstone for September
Renowned as a stone of trust and protection, sapphire also ignites the heart and opens it to love.



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