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June Inspiration: ILLUMINATION

This month, we're tapping into illumination and letting it guide our journey. From our innate wisdom to spiritual enlightenment, illumination is a gift that allows us to see clearly—to listen to our inner voice, to embrace deep knowing.

You know the sensation that comes from deep knowing: The stillness in your body that feels simultaneously soothing and energizing; the slow breath that travels beyond the shallow receptacle beneath your collarbones into the expanse of your rib cage, down to where it grounds you in certainty.

What happens when we listen to our inner voice, to the tranquility in our body that tells us everything we need to know? When we are at one with our body, mind, and spirit, illumination reveals itself, offering clarity and crystalizing our path into sharp relief. Here is where we are; there is where we need to be. "Yes," we hear our intuition whisper. "Yes, this is right. This is true."

This month, we invite you to slow down long enough to listen. What is your spirit telling you? What is your body telling you? Where is there ease, and where is there tension? How can you honor your intuition and the divine knowing that thrums within?

In the slow breaths that help to ground you, may you discover illumination and the clarity it can bring to your journey. May your dreams become finely tuned so you can chase them; may your needs reveal themselves plainly so you can meet them. May you learn to listen, and to follow the light that graces your path.



"I welcome clarity and insight; I see what my intuition knows to be true."


An ancient symbol of protection and intuition, the evil eye guards against negative energy while igniting intuition in its wearer. Alternately referred to as the "seeing eye," the evil eye is a talisman of illumination, offering clarity and lighting our path to truth.



Beloved as the stone of beauty and innocence, the pearl bestows its wearer with foresight for the journey ahead.


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