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May Inspiration: Joy

This month, we revel in joy. In the promise of warmer days, petal-strewn paths, and trees bursting with life, we feel the flutter of happiness stir in our chests, a whisper carried on a soft breeze that says, "Yes, please."

We open our hearts to possibility and levity, and welcome spontaneity at every turn. Here, happiness graces our journey: A mid-day walk, a full-throated laugh. The gifts of joy are simultaneously as small and all-encompassing as our imaginations; open to them, we feel our spirits soar.

This month, as spring returns the earth to its lush beauty, we hope you'll join us in seeking joy. To do so is restorative, and it is act of resistance. In joy, there is light; there is love; there is laughter. And there is hope—a promise of better days ahead.

 - Symbol of the Month - Chakra 

Meaning "wheel" in Sanskrit, the chakras are a sacred energy system within each of us that funnels our vital life force in a circular motion. When each of our seven chakras is open and in alignment, our life energy can flow freely, allowing us to step into our spiritual power.


 - Gemstone of the Month - Emerald

Renowned as the stone of wisdom, the emerald blesses its wearer with abundance while bestowing them with mercy.




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