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Inspiration: Embrace the Light Collection

As summer’s promise arrives on a gentle breeze, Satya Jewelry introduces the Embrace the Light Collection—a celebration of the soul’s awakening. Together, we emerge from a collective cocoon of darkness to embrace the life-affirming light and warmth of the sun.

tourmaline collection sun moon

Varying shades of tourmaline—stone of clarity, peace, and abundance—figure prominently throughout the collection, calling to mind azure water, verdant botanicals and lush flower petals bursting into bloom.  Brilliant stones of blue topaz, used to anchor eye-catching chain earrings, reflects the infinite depth of an afternoon sky.

Celestial symbols capture the magic of balmy summer nights: under the moon and stars, the endless possibility for joy calls our spirits to soar. Crescent moons and gleaming suns dangle from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets, symbolizing goddess energy and vitality—the essence of the summer season.

Now, as we step into the radiant light of summer, the euphoria of sunshine on our faces lifts our weary spirits.  We embrace the light, made whole again by the blessings of its warmth.




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