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January Inspiration: New Beginnings

The advent of new year beckons new beginnings. With the turning of the calendar page, we are called to give thanks for what has been, and to release what no longer serves us.

This new year holds the promise of possibility—of weeks that stretch out before us, offering adventure, time spent with loved ones, and steps taken to achieve our dreams. We carry with us the knowledge we've aquired over the last 12 months, and turn our thoughts to what we want to call forth into our lives in the coming year.

What will you manifest for the year ahead? How will you move about the world? What will you make room for, and what boundaries will you set?

As we enter the new year, let us focus on the beautiful possibilities, but without the pressure that so often accompanies the fraught "New Year's resolution." Let us instead be joyful for what may be, and welcome the chance to begin anew.


Mantra for January 

I release what no longer serves me; in this moment, I begin anew.

Symbol of the month: The Lotus

The lotus rises from the mud each morning to burst into full, beautiful bloom—an inspiring symbol of new beginnings and full potential.

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Gemstone of the month: Garnet

Celebrate January with garnet, the rich red stone of friendship, love, and guidance.

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