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June Inspiration: Energy

This month, we tap into the life-giving energy of the sun. We welcome the light it shines to extend our days and the warmth with which it kisses our skin.

Each year, we wait for summer, it's long days beckoning us to slow down, cast off our burdens, and embrace whatever crosses our paths. "Let's be adventurers," the sun whispers, and we follow its suggestion, meandering beneath the arc it cuts in across the azure sky to whatever joy awaits us around the bend.

Sun symbol


This June, we celebrate the sun's vitality, grateful for the summer blessings it bestows upon us. Abundance, magic, beauty: The sun's energy is eternal, and for a few short months of summer, we can almost believe that we are, too.

June's Gemstone Pearl 
Beloved as the stone of beauty and innocence, the pearl bestows its wearer with foresight for the journey ahead.



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