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Malas for Manifesting with a Mantra

Made of 108 healing gemstones, malas--or ancient prayer necklaces--are a powerful tool to track the repetition of a sacred mantra during meditation. Use your mala to manifest into existence what your soul is seeking.

Satya Jewelry Mala meditation

Select your mantra:
Use your own, or choose from one of ours, below.

Get quiet:
Choose a quiet space where you can sit comfortably.

Breathe deeply:
Take a few slow, deep breaths, exhaling out your distractions.

Begin saying your mantra as you hold your mala.

Starting with the gold bead, grasp your mala between your thumb and middle finger. Silently say your mantra to help manifest what you're seeking into existence. Move your thumb to the next bead with each repetition. After 108 silent repetitions, you'll return to the gold bead, and your mantra meditation will come to a close. Repeat this manifestation practice for 40 days and notice what comes up for you--and what you draw into your life.

Satya Jewelry Mala Meditation gemstone




“I am blessed with all that I need. I have more than enough.”

“I am willing to give and receive love. My heart is open and ready.”

“I am successful in all that I do. I welcome prosperity into my life.”

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