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May Inspiration: Light

This month, we embrace light. From the sun that lingers ever longer over the horizon to our soul's own radiance, spring awakens what was once dormant and calls it forth to shine.

Light is necessary for life: It activates photosynthesis in plants, warms our planet, and helps to govern the weather by which we map our lives. Light is also necessary for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, boosting our serotonin levels, affecting our internal clocks, and improving our outlook so we may be more open to receiving joy.

As spring's days stretch longer, we are called to be more active, emerging from the cocoon of winter to meet sun-dappled sidewalks, listen to rustling green leaves, and to inhale the sweet scent of blooming flowers on the warm breeze.

The light of spring ignites our inner radiance, coaxing it out and inspiring us to illuminate the world. Just as the sun gives life to our planet, so can our beautiful individual light impact those around us. When we step fully into the light, the world becomes more beautiful.


May's Mantra

"I am radiant and joyful; I shine my light out into the world."


Symbol of the Month: THE SUN

A symbol of vitality and leadership, the sun ignites our inner light, awakens joy, and encourages our souls to flourish.

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Gemstone for May: EMERALD

Verdant emerald—stone of wisdom, abundance, and mercy—catches the eye and soothes the soul.

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