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November Inspiration: Gratitude

The transition into November finds us deepening our connections: Shorter days give way to colder, extended nights and invite us to delve into the depths of our soul's true purpose.

As autumn ebbs and we ready ourselves for winter’s chill, we recognize the end of one spiritual cycle and welcome a period of rest and recovery. Now is the time to relish the quiet that inner work demands of us, so we may flourish come the spring.

Taking our cues from the natural world, we begin to ready ourselves for winter’s arrival, gathering what will sustain us through the coldest months. Cooking the bounty that Earth provides, journaling to gain clarity around our thoughts and feelings, reading to expand our worldview: November is a time to honor whatever brings comfort to our hearts and souls. It is a time of giving thanks for all that we have in this moment, and all that we will receive from the Universe.

This month, we give gratitude for the space in which November allows us to nurture our dreams, gather with those we love, and celebrate the abundant beauty of sharing with others.


November Mantra
I am grateful for my abundant blessings; in this moment, I have all that I need.

Symbol of the Month

Attuned to our soul's deepest purpose, we discover our true north. The North Star shines as a brilliant beacon, a celestial compass mapping the sacred journey to our highest truth.
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Gemstone for November

With a warm hue that evokes sunlight, citrine elicits happiness, awareness, and radiance in its wearer.
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