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Passion, Experience & Wisdom: Satya’s Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

For anyone who has ever launched a business, you know it begins with passion: Whatever you’re interested in doing, you find you just can’t bear not doing more of it. Suddenly, that hobby morphs into a thriving side hustle, or you make the leap to launching a full-time endeavor. (Either way, congrats are in order!) But while passion will certainly serve you well along the way, nothing compares to having time tested wisdom from someone who’s been there—through all of the ups and downs that entrepreneurship inevitably brings. In honor of National Boss Day and Satya Jewelry’s 17th anniversary, we tapped our founder Satya Scainetti for her top tips for entrepreneurs. Read on to glean some of Satya’s wisdom—and get ready to be inspired!

1. Practice absolute self-care:

However you define self-care, make it a top priority, Satya advises. For her, honoring her spiritual practice during her morning ritual, eating well and exercising daily are key components to being a successful boss. Taking care of herself first helps her recharge, leaving her ready to face whatever the day has in store. As any business owner can attest, it can be all too easy to work from the moment you open your eyes and reach for your phone—but that can lead to burnout. “Step away!” Satya says. “Recharge any way you can.” By making self-care a top priority, you’ll be better equipped to receive creative inspiration, think critically and show up fully for your business and your employees.

2. Be flexible:

“Embrace the ebb and flow,” Satya offers. From her background in social work, Satya learned problem-solving and adaptation skills that serve her well in running Satya Jewelry. Things won’t always go the way you think they’re going to when you’re an entrepreneur, so, she says, “You have to evolve and be willing to be flexible.” This will not only help you alleviate stress from day to day, but will benefit your business in the long run as you learn to pivot and act accordingly.

3. Change your perception:

Switching up your attitude can make all the difference in being a successful boss. Sure, we all get frustrated, and there may be days where you question if being an entrepreneur is right for you. But just changing your perception can go a long way in building your business and maintaining your sanity. “Take a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow,” Satya shares. By doing so, you’ll gain invaluable wisdom you can fall back on the next time you come up against an obstacle.


4. Keep moving!

“Don’t get stuck on the 20% that’s not working,” Satya advises. “Be excited about the 80% that is working!” So often, we dig in and try to fix what seems “broken”—and we forget to look at the big picture and take in what’s helping our business to thrive. “Don’t get stuck on the smaller losses,” she says. “That will only create a downward cycle. Instead, know that sometimes being imperfect is perfect. You’ve got personalities to manage, product to sell, finances to deal with—you can’t get stuck. Keep moving. Be excited about the wins.”


5. Lead by example:

A positive attitude, a calm demeanor in the face of a crisis, treating others equitably —these are all important qualities in a boss. Not only can they help keep morale up, but such traits can engender loyalty. One more thing an entrepreneur can do to gain the respect of others in the company? “Lead by example,” says Satya. “Work every bit as hard as your employees. It goes a long way.”

6. Practice non-attachment.

For a boss, planning ahead is necessary. Between goal setting, budgets, and marketing calendars, you take countless steps to try and ensure your business continues to thrive. At the end of the day, though, even the best-laid plans may not pan out. This is when the beauty of non-attachment reveals itself. By letting go of what you had planned on (hoped for!), you can gain a new perspective on what’s happening in there here and now, Satya shares. Go ahead and feel whatever you’re feeling when you meet a challenge; the trick to non-attachment is to acknowledge your emotions and then let them go. This allows you the freedom to continue on with your day, your week, your month. Non-attachment works for positive emotions as well; simply pay attention to the happiness or pride you’re feeling, then let it go so you can tune in to the beautiful now.


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