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Spiritual Differences Between a Full Moon and New Moon

Are you looking to tap into your spiritual potential and learn more about yourself? Look to the heavens. The moon is a powerful source of celestial energy and represents deeper sides to ourselves that we may not let everybody see.

The moon goes through eight phases, cycling through them every month before returning to the beginning. Let’s discuss two phases during which the moon is at its most powerful: the new moon and the full moon. There are several stark spiritual differences between these phases, and each can provide lasting spiritual benefits.

The Moon and You

What is your connection to the moon? Why are you drawn especially to its spiritual significance?

In astrological studies, the moon is one of the most highly influential planetary bodies in the sky. (Yes—astrology categorizes the moon as a planet. In astronomy, not so much.) It’s the closest to us, the easiest to see, and its ever-changing phases affect us in various ways.

The moon symbolizes your personality's more secret and intimate facets. For example, when reading your astrological birth chart, you may be a Libra sun and a Capricorn moon. Libra would be the side of yourself you show to people, while Capricorn represents who you are and how you feel when nobody else is around.

In addition, the moon cycles through its eight phases every 27 days, so from our perspective on Earth, it changes its “face” pretty regularly! Many individuals find that their moods and thoughts shift with the regularity of moon phases. Looking to the moon for spiritual support helps many people track their moods and start new projects on significant dates.

The Importance of Phases

Human beings go through a variety of phases in life, and so, too, does the moon. That’s a good thing! Tracking projects, events, and self-care rituals by the moon can give the phases of your life an essential boost.

How do the moon’s new and full phases factor into its overall cycle?

New Moon

The night of the new moon marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle. Look into the sky that night, and you probably won’t be able to see the moon at all; its illuminated side faces away from the Earth.

For this reason, many individuals use the new moon as a day to start anew with a fresh slate. New moon dates are ideal for cleansing (both physical and spiritual), resetting intentions, and starting new projects.

Full Moon

The full moon is a culmination of about 15 days’ worth of movement through the heavens. It’s technically the midpoint of the full lunar cycle but serves as a climax. Full moon dates are often notorious for their larger-than-life (and sometimes chaotic!) energy, but they are also ideal for bringing your existing projects to a tipping point.

Applying Lunar Phases To Your Life

Now that you know a little bit more about how the moon moves through the sky and affects us here on Earth, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice. Learn how to sync your personal calendar with that of the moon above!

New Moon

As the new moon approaches, take a moment to evaluate your life. Do you feel stuck or uninspired in any area? Use this time to set new goals and metaphorically wipe your slate clean.

On the night of a new moon, write down any goals you want to work on; they can be long-term or short-term. If your meditation practice incorporates intention setting, use this night to reset those intentions and charge them with new moon energy.

If you incorporate physical objects into your meditation, try wearing a moon necklace or holding it in your hand as you meditate. The pendant will serve as a reminder of the intentions you set.

By their very nature, new moon nights are darker than the other nights of the month. Use the darkness to take time for quiet reflection and introspection. When the moon begins its cycle anew, you’ll feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to tackle the new goals you set.

Full Moon

As the brightest night of the lunar cycle, a full moon night brings a bold and noticeable energy with it. You may feel more sociable and energetic—or particularly exhausted from spiritual chaos!

While new moons are great for setting goals, full moons are ideal for bringing those goals to a higher level or a tipping point. For example, if your new moon goal was to find a publisher for your book, use the full moon’s energy to hit “send” on a batch of query letters.

The full moon is also essential in helping you release negative thoughts or toxic patterns from your life. After the moon’s fullest night, it will spend the next two weeks getting smaller (waning) in the sky, encouraging you to let go of habits that no longer help you. Set an intention to kick a bad habit, stop associating with unkind people in your life, or build back your self-esteem from a low point.

Rituals and Practices To Try

If you’re not accustomed to living a life inspired by lunar phases, give some of these practices a try next time the moon is new or full in the sky.

New Moon

We’ve discussed the importance of intention-setting, especially on new moon nights. How can you go about setting yourself up for success over the next 27 or so days? Try these practices next time the new moon comes around:

  • Create a list of goals, not unlike New Year’s resolutions.
  • Put together a vision board inspired by things you want to have or do.
  • Write in a journal or notebook, reflecting on what you’ve done in the past month.
  • Clean and declutter your living space.

Remember, this is a time of new beginnings. It is never too late to start fresh.

Full Moon

When the full moon comes around, get inspired by the lovely illumination in the sky! Celebrate your achievements, practice gratitude for the good things life has given you, and try any of these practices:

  • Make a list of the positive things in your life!
  • Track the progress of goals you set during the new moon.
  • Do a reading with oracle or tarot cards.
  • Perform a spiritual release of habits or patterns that no longer serve you.

While there are several spiritual differences between the full moon and the new moon, at the end of the night, they’re two elements of the same cycle. Knowing the energy the moon brings at these phases, you can more easily set your spiritual calendar. Use this guide from Satya Jewelry to inform your meditative practices throughout the month!

Spiritual Differences Between a Full Moon and New Moon

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