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The Importance of the Lotus Flower Symbol for Couples

Are you searching for the perfect gift—perhaps even a ring—for your significant other? Consider the symbolic meaning and importance of the lotus flower, especially for couples. Learn more about why the lotus is so special to those relationship bonds with this guide to lotus symbolism.


Lotus flowers with white or pink petals symbolize purity and devotion—two factors that help build a lifelong bond with your partner.

Lotus motifs are a beautiful and meaningful addition to an engagement ring or wedding ring. Those petals will remind your significant other of your unwavering dedication to the relationship.


In nature, the lotus flower’s roots sink deep into the mud of ponds and lakes. The flower itself bursts forth from murky waters, acting as a symbol of undying hope even in uncertain circumstances.

You and your partner have weathered uncertain circumstances of your own throughout your relationship. Remind your significant other of your continuing hope by giving lotus flower jewelry as a special gift.


In ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was a symbol of the goddess Heqet, patroness of fertility, childbirth, and labor. Pregnant women wore lotus amulets to protect themselves from evil energy during labor and delivery.

Are you and your partner trying for a baby or already expecting one? Give your partner a protective amulet of their own that bears the lotus flower.


If you and your partner are in a relationship for the long haul, display your dedication and perseverance by wearing and giving lotus jewelry.

The lotus itself perseveres through murk and mud to bloom above the surface of the water. Similarly, you and your partner persevere through difficult times, like arguments and differences in priorities, and come out stronger together for it.

The lotus flower is a deeply important symbol for couples who want to pledge their devotion to one another. Peruse Satya’s collection of lotus flower necklaces, charms, rings, and more to choose the perfect piece for your significant other.

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