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This month embrace COURAGE: March Inspiration

This month, we're turning to nature to inspire our personal evolution. Like the first buds that insist on bursting into bloom under spring's warming light, we're embracing the courage to transform beyond our self-limiting beliefs.

When we are rooted in doubt, we are hindered from reaching our dreams. But when we are rooted in confidence and courage, we may evolve into our highest truth: that colorful version of self that thrums with vivacity and possibility.

How will you greet the season of renewal? What are you hoping to leave behind as you embrace this new beginning, and what are you hoping to leave behind? Are there any self-limiting beliefs you are willing to cast off to embrace your truth? Courage can be found in the smallest of actions, from the tree bud daring to bloom to our saying "yes!" to an unexpected opportunity that presents itself. Just a small step in the direction of our dreams can find us manifesting our intentions to fruition.

This month, have the courage to name your dreams so you may follow them. Begin there: a bud awaiting spring's song to call it forth to flower. Let your doubt melt away like snow under the sunlight, and open yourself to transformation in full color.

March Mantra  "I have the courage to embrace change; I dare to reach for my dreams."
March Mantra
"I have the courage to embrace change; I dare to reach for my dreams."

Symbol of the Month: Ganesha

As the remover of obstacles and bestower of success, the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha inspires courage to overcome challenges so we may welcome good fortune.

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Gemstone of the Month: Aquamarine


Beloved for its calming light blue hue, aquamarine offers peace and courage to its wearer.

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