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Ultimate Guide: The Meaning of Each Zodiac Symbol

Each star sign has a symbol that tells us the story of said sign in a simple, yet mystical way. These symbols are often overlooked, but if you look closer, you’ll discover they hold infinite meaning and can give you an intimate look into each of the 12 zodiac signs. Learn about the meaning of the 12 zodiac symbols in this ultimate guide by Satya Jewelry.

Capricorn | The Goat

Capricorn’s symbol is the Goat, which represents this sign’s determination and ability to scale even the tallest cliffs of life. The Goat is hardworking and patient; they don’t give in easily to adversity and are constantly in pursuit of their goals, no matter how far out they may seem. Calm, they rarely lose their cool. They’re intelligent and objective and can always see every side of a problem.

Aquarius | The Water Bearer

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, who pours water, representing knowledge, out of their jug to feed humanity. The Water Bearer, like water itself, is flexible despite being a fixed sign. Extremely creative, focused, and analytical, Water Bearers can do anything they put their mind toward. They’re also sociable and highly energetic, but their pledge to “never tell a lie” can get them into hot water with peers from time to time.

Pisces | The Fish

Pisces is represented by two joined fish that swim in opposite directions. One fish is the Earth, the other the Heavens, a nod to how a Pisces seamlessly incorporates both the material and spiritual world into their life. Sweet and sensitive, the Two Fish are one of a kind. They live generously and are always willing to help others, and rarely do they judge. They have a sharp memory that helps them remember even the most minor details. While the Two Fish prefer to blend into the crowd, their giving nature makes them stand out in a positive way.

Aries | The Ram

Aries, the first astrological sign of the zodiac, is marked with the Ram, which symbolizes how they take life by the horns and tackle it head on! The Ram is a curious and headstrong being, and they prefer doing and exploring over talking. A true leader, the Ram takes every opportunity that comes their way and is always seeking to improve themself.

Taurus | The Bull

Taurus is also known as the Bull. This symbol represents Taurus’ strength and tenacity, both mental and physical. Like the Bull, people under this sign have sturdy, well-built bodies and possess immense stamina and willpower. But despite their hard exterior, the Bull has a soft heart—tender, romantic, and kindhearted, they are loyal and love freely.

Gemini | The Twins

Gemini is the mark of the twins, Castor and Pollux, who represent this sign’s simultaneous duality and neutrality. Many call Geminis two-faced, but truthfully, the Twins are just versatile. They go with the flow, and persistently look for new people to hang out with, new experiences to have, and new concepts to learn. Open, bubbly, witty, and great at multitasking, the Twins are powerhouses that you can’t easily stop.

Cancer | The Crab

Cancer’s symbol is the Crab, which references the protective and nurturing side of this sign. Sociable and romantic, Crabs value their loved ones immensely. In addition to being loving, they’re also wise and great at giving advice. But, on the other claw, the Crab can be moody and mysterious, especially when they’re feeling under the weather.

Leo | The Lion

The Lion is Leo’s symbol, which is fitting for this bold, noble, and playful fire sign. Like the Lion, Leos are proud individuals. They have an unwaveringly optimistic view of life that makes them friendly, attractive, and approachable. The Lion is committed to their virtues and is a true leader who will stick with their pride through thick and thin.

Virgo | The Virgin

Virgo is also known as the Virgin, a young maiden carrying wheat in her arms. This represents Virgo’s parent-like helpfulness and natural ability to sort “the wheat from the chaff,” or the good from the bad. The Virgin is responsible and matronly. They have a knack for organizing and cleaning, down to the minute details. They love strongly and are very faithful; they often remain committed to people even after their trust is broken. While shy and quiet, they’re good with words and can weave elaborate stories with ease.

Libra | The Scales

Libra represents the Scales of Justice, which, like Libra, are perfectly balanced and fair. The Scales are polite, friendly, and get along with other signs easily. In part, this is because they dislike conflict and would rather stay quiet than speak their piece and risk the peace. Logical and strong-minded, they have well-thought opinions on just about every matter.

Scorpio | The Scorpion

The symbol of Scorpio is the tiny but mighty Scorpion, with its tail extended and ready to sting its prey. The Scorpion symbolizes the fierce and mysterious nature of this sign. The Scorpion is mature beyond their years, determined, wise, and cunning. While they possess a powerful exterior and are often misunderstood due to their blunt honesty and private nature, they have a gentle and patient heart.

Sagittarius | The Archer

The Archer is Sagittarius’s symbol. The centaur with its bow and arrow aimed at the sky represents how Sagittarius is steadfastly optimistic and always aiming high in life. The Archer is an energetic soul. They’re adventurous, generous, humorous, and have the gift of gab—though that eloquent tongue doesn’t have much of a filter! They love nothing more than their freedom and are determined to conquer the world, one step at a time.

We hope this ultimate guide to the meaning of each zodiac symbol has helped you understand the traits of your sign. Each zodiac symbol is truly unique; knowing what yours says about you can help you discover your inner sense of self.

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