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What Does Grandmother Moon Symbolize in Mythology?

Cultures all around the world look to the heavens for inspiration, guidance, and support, and many revere Grandmother Moon as a watchful and nurturing figure. What does Grandmother Moon symbolize in mythology, and how can her powerful presence influence you?

The Rhythms of Life

Grandmother Moon’s presence in the sky has always governed the tides. Her influence on these daily patterns and routines stretches beyond the oceans. According to legend, her development of tide patterns encouraged life on Earth to emerge from those waters.

New Beginnings

The moon doesn’t just govern patterns and rhythms on the earth; she also goes through phases of her own. Every 29 days, Grandmother Moon completes a full cycle of phases that people use to inspire their own new beginnings. If you find power in renewing your goals and starting fresh on every new moon, consider wearing a moon ring to remind yourself of your connection to that cycle.

Interpretation of Dreams

Grandmother Moon watches over the children of Mother Earth every night as the sun moves to the other side of the planet. Thus, she is strongly associated with nighttime and can play a role in interpreting visions and dreams. She is a highly intuitive figure, and taking inspiration from her energy can improve your own powers of intuition.


With every monthly moon cycle comes an opportunity not only for new beginnings, but for lasting changes. Each new moon night is an occasion to discard things that no longer serve you so that you can move forward on your spiritual journey. Grandmother Moon inspires people to change and transform, just as she does throughout her cycle.

The mythology of many cultures attaches powerful symbolism to the figure of Grandmother Moon. Her constant shifting and changing in the sky inspires similar change in the children of Mother Earth, and her faraway influence has kept the tides moving for millennia. Harness the energy of Grandmother Moon by incorporating celestial pieces from Satya Jewelry into your everyday routine.

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