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What Does the Moon Symbolize? 5 Spiritual Meanings

Throughout the history of the world, the moon has been a powerful presence in religion, literature, astrology, and personal spirituality. While the spiritual meaning of the moon may differ from person to person, there is some consistency in what it symbolizes. Take inspiration from these divine connections and associations as you grow in your own spiritual practice.


For millennia, people did not understand the forces that governed the ocean’s tides. When scientists discovered that the moon affected the earth so greatly, that knowledge inspired wonder in scholars and laypeople alike. Although we now know more about the moon’s influence, she remains a quiet and mysterious figure in the sky and in many spiritual traditions.

The Cyclical Nature of Life

The moon goes through a variety of unique phases every 27 days, and many living beings on Earth go through similar phases. Human menstrual cycles are still called moon cycles by those who embrace their bodies’ powerful connection to the heavens. Cycles of change, growth, and transformation can be observed in all forms of life, from the smallest mushrooms to the largest whales.

Divine Femininity

Throughout history, people have identified dichotomies and pairings that bring balance to the universe. Just as the sun is associated with masculine power and strength, the moon is innately connected to feminine qualities of protection and the giving of life. Many ancient spiritual traditions associate the moon with protective feminine goddesses like Artemis, Hecate, and Diana; wearing a moon necklace can bring that nurturing protection to your everyday life.

Subconscious Traits

In astrology, an individual’s moon sign indicates the parts of their personality they don’t often show in public. While the sun is brighter and more straightforward, the moon is more nuanced and quiet in her influence. Because the moon shines while we sleep at night, she is also associated with dreams and the subconscious mind.


The gentle, reflective light of the moon represents the knowledge we find within ourselves. While the sun produces its own illumination during the day, the moon reflects light we otherwise wouldn’t see at night. That gentler glow symbolizes intuitive knowledge and gut feelings that come from within.

The moon has developed many spiritual meanings over the thousands of years people have spent gazing up at her. What does she symbolize to you? Whether you wish to tap into your inner femininity or remind yourself of your intuitive wisdom, look to Grandmother Moon for inspiration.

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