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What It Means To Connect With Your Sacred Feminine

Everybody’s soul includes two major forms of energy: the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. Neither actually ties nor caters to a specific gender. No matter who you are or how you identify, your body houses both the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

Typically, masculine energy serves ideals of logic, protection, stability, and the desire to build. Meanwhile, feminine energy exudes softness, trust, intuition, groundedness, and nurturing qualities. Like yin and yang energy, a balance of both the divine feminine and the divine masculine provides more spiritual clarity, positive energy, and a oneness of soul, body, and mind.

Due to societal pressures and stigmas, many people lose track of their feminine energy, causing spiritual and physical imbalances. However, reconnecting with and enhancing your divine feminine offers bountiful benefits that can enhance your personal growth. Here’s what it means to connect with your sacred feminine and why it’s important.

Trusting Intuition

Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation that just felt off? That’s your sacred feminine trying to speak to you. Connecting to your sacred feminine means trusting your intuition and allowing your inner self to speak and be heard. Often, people go against their gut instincts because those instincts lack logical foundations of explanation. However, gut reactions and intuition are forms of your sacred feminine trying to tell you something. Trusting the guidance of your intuition connects you with your sacred feminine and builds a sense of trust with your higher self. The more connected you are with your feminine energy, the sharper your intuition.

Spiritual Growth

The divine feminine appears as and is connected to many other spiritual forms. One of those embodiments is through the Grandmother Moon. The moon sheds light through the darkness of the night, showing the way through the shroud of the evening hours. Likewise, under the guidance of your inner goddess and her nurturing wisdom, the Grandmother Moon helps you gain illumination as you embark further through your journey of self-growth. Just as the cycle of the tides works in tandem with the phases of the moon, you can trust the guidance of the divine feminine and the Grandmother Moon through the cycles of life as you continue to nurture your inner self and spirituality.

Self-Love and Confidence

The sacred feminine features lots of positive attributes, including nurturing and loving qualities. It encourages you to act with kindness toward yourself, to trust your decisions and emotions, and to connect with all the spiritual essences of your body and mind. Connecting with this divine energy means learning to love yourself and building confidence in your authentic being.

Moments of Rest and Healing

As with many spiritual relationships and balances of energies, branching out to your sacred feminine involves slowing down. It creates time to pause, reflect, rest, and heal. Allowing yourself to step back enhances your experiences and enriches different moments with heightened senses and different perspectives. Taking the time to rest also enables you to optimize your growth and flourish in an authentic version of yourself with minimal external influences.

The sacred feminine possesses numerous qualities that bring you closer to awakening your enlightenment and flourishing in your authenticity. Connecting with your sacred feminine means connecting with, growing, and loving your inner self. With moon jewelry, you carry an anchor that reminds you to reach out to your sacred feminine and everything she embodies, like the Grandmother Moon.

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