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Why Everyone Should Wear Symbolic Jewelry

Elegant jewelry does add beauty to an outfit, but symbolic jewelry has an additional purpose. Symbolic jewelry has meaning, and it can inspire, encourage, and protect those who wear it. Learn below why everyone should wear symbolic jewelry and how it can help us find balance and peace in our lives.


1. Symbols Give Jewelry a Deeper Meaning

People have used symbols for thousands of years to convey deeper meanings. The lotus flower, for example, is much more than just a pretty flower. In many Eastern cultures, it symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. When we incorporate symbols into jewelry, they give the jewelry itself a deeper meaning—it now serves a purpose. Depending on the symbol, meaningful jewelry can inspire, protect, invigorate, calm, and balance us throughout our day-to-day lives.


2. Healing Gemstones Can Raise Your Vibration

Many gemstones are much more than just shiny objects with brilliant, beautiful colors. Semiprecious stones such as amethyst, black onyx, rose quartz, and turquoise can all raise your vibration and energy. Many of our symbolic pieces incorporate these healing gemstones with symbols to bring wisdom, peace, love, and abundance into your life.


3. Symbolic Jewelry Is Unique

The final reason why everyone should wear symbolic jewelry is because it’s unique. Unlike jewelry that’s designed with the sole purpose of attracting the eye, each of our pieces of symbolic jewelry is designed with a deeper meaning and purpose in mind. For instance, our beautiful line of chakra jewelry isn’t just beautiful; it also supports the alignment of the chakras in the body. The healing gemstones we use for these pieces also represent the locations and colors of the chakras in the body, as you can see with our Sacred Sequence Chakra Earrings and our Divine Alignment Chakra Necklace.

Jewelry designed purely for aesthetic purposes is eye-catching in its own right, but we believe symbolic jewelry can be as beautiful as it is meaningful—and when you find a piece of jewelry that speaks to your soul, that makes it one of a kind.

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