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Why Is the Hamsa Hand Often Paired With an Evil Eye?

Both the hamsa hand and the evil eye have been used for centuries—millennia, even—as talismans of protection. When used on their own, each symbol provides peace of mind and encourages positivity in the wearer.

So why is the hamsa often paired with an evil eye symbol? When used in conjunction with one another, their protective qualities get a crucial boost.

Hamsa Symbology

The hamsa hand has been used in many different spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Its open palm offers blessings and positivity while warding off unkind and negative energies.

When worn with the fingers facing up, the hamsa protects its wearer from the harmful thoughts of others. If you want to welcome abundance and good fortune into your life, wear it with the fingers facing down.

Evil Eye Symbology

The term “evil eye” refers both to the unkind glances of others and the symbol that protects the wearer from absorbing that negativity. Many ancient cultures believed that the eyes hold unique spiritual power to affect others, and that an evil glance can bring misfortune and loss.

Wearing evil eye jewelry can help shield you from those jealous or malicious glances. Other people’s negativity will not affect you when you wear the evil eye as a charm.

Combination Is Augmentation

Now, why do so many pieces of spiritual jewelry feature a hamsa hand with the evil eye nestled in its palm? The answer is simple—combining these two powerful symbols boosts both of their benefits.

If you feel particularly vulnerable to the negative energies of people around you, wear a pendant or charm that combines the evil eye with the hamsa. This combination will ward off malicious energy while inviting good fortune and emotional wellness into your life.

The hamsa hand is often paired with an evil eye because amulets, charms, and pendants that feature this double symbol can greatly improve your emotional well-being. Dispel any negativity around you and bring happy energy your way by wearing jewelry that combines these two talismans.

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